About Us


Over the years Agilitee has positioned itself at the leading edge of project delivery, meeting the ever advancing challenges and opportunities presented by complex project briefs, compressed time frames, increased sustainability targets, and rapidly evolving technology. Our project teams have embraced this new era to build upon Agilitee established profile as a relationship contractor, delivering added value to our Clients through early contractor involvement.

This concept is a relationship-based procurement model which leverages the experience Agilitee offers at the earliest opportunity in the project delivery cycle.

It is a concept which allows the Client to draw upon our design and construction expertise, at a point when we can add most value to the project by influencing long-term decisions which impact directly upon cost, quality, time and constructability.

On each occasion, Agilitee has successfully delivered the highest quality at a competitive price, on time, and within budget. We look forward to expanding our project pool so that each of our Clients can unlock the value of our experience and discover the benefits.


Agilitee has extensive experience in managing contractor roles. This delivery method is suited to projects which are subject to a fast track delivery or where the design is undefined or rapidly changing. Agilitee has sophisticated project management and reporting systems which ensure we effectively manage the trade contractors and our service driven and highly responsive teams provide timely and accurate information to support the projects key strategic decisions.


Agilitee provides both cost planning and budgeting services to our Clients. Our cost planning applies current market rates at the early stages of the development cycle providing enhanced confidence in key financial outcomes such as project feasibility analysis and funding approvals.

Our estimators not only prepare competitive and well considered pricing for our Clients but are actively involved in any potential value management processes. This element forms a key part of our team and combined with our experienced design, service and professionals ensure the most innovative design solutions are incorporated into our projects in the most efficient and importantly the most cost effective manner.


The design and construct delivery method is becoming increasingly popular across Agilitee’s Client base. Agilitee has developed specialist in house design and construct teams to ensure we can deliver value added solutions, particularly through the design phase of each project.

Our design and construct teams are able to draw on the organisational experience across Agilitee’s extensive range of successful projects and leverage this experience through the design management process. Our staff partner with a range of experienced external consultants ensuring that the best qualified design team is engaged for each project.

Agilitee’s design and construct approach seeks the best possible design alternatives and integrates buildability and construction issues to ensure the most efficient design solution possible.

This translates to savings in time and cost without compromising the architectural integrity of the project.

The design and construct delivery method is also used as a risk mitigation tool for many Clients. Under the design and construct method Agilitee becomes responsible for co-ordination of the design between the various disciplines. This eliminates the possibility of variations during the construction phase as a result of conflicts in design documentation.


Agilitee has successfully delivered a diverse range of construction projects for both private sector and commercial Clients. We have developed loyal repeat business relationships through servicing all our Clients’ projects whether large or small. Agilitee’s projects range in size from 1 million to 50 million and cover the key industry sectors of retail, industrial, commercial, health, aged care, airports, education and community projects.

Our experience covers new construction on greenfield sites as well as extension, refurbishment and fit out works. Our teams are especially skilled at working within operating or trading environments, ensuring that construction works cause minimum disruption to our Clients’ ongoing activities.

Our construction activities are carried out under Agilitee’s integrated management system which ensures our projects are delivered at industry best practice levels for quality, safety and environmental management.

Our construction teams are supported by an extensive network of subcontract and supplier organisations ensuring we can introduce the latest construction techniques and materials to our projects. Our subcontractor and supplier base also ensures that we can source the best trade and material prices available in the market. This cost efficiency is passed on to Agilitee’s Clients in the form of competitive tender prices.


Agilitee understands the importance of dedicated in-house resources to manage the design process on the delivery of our projects. 75% of our projects involve managing part or all of the design, depending on the procurement method and requirements of our Clients.

Agilitee draws on third party design professionals. They work closely with our preferred external design consultants to develop, coordinate and manage innovative and cost effective solutions for our Clients whilst ensuring the design brief, specifications and requirements are met.

Our design teams are adept at managing the process from masterplan or concept design stage right through to construction documentation.

Agilitee has significant experience which harnesses the skills and experience within Agilitee’s design and construction teams, ensuring our Clients achieve the optimal outcomes for their facilities in terms of cost, risk management, design and overall quality.

Agilitee continually strives to ensure that our delivery, performance and the quality of work is at the highest standards in the industry. To achieve this goal we have integrated a management system which formalises the processes and procedures which ensure our projects are delivered to the highest possible standards of quality, safety and environmental management. Our systems are accredited to ISO 9001:2015. This certification also ensure that we regularly audit and are audited by third parties to ensure continuity and our culture of continuous improvement ensures that we remain at the forefront of the industry.

Agilitee is fast establishing a reputation as a leading green building company within the Southern market. To assist our Clients with sustainability principles Agilitee has developed specific in house expertise. The skill set of our team assist in identifying and implementing sustainability principles which can be effectively utilised on our projects.

Agilitee’s sustainability commitment extends through all aspects of our business including our environmental management systems.


Safety Management

Our safety management system is aligned with BSG, the UK’s largest construction safety group  (Building Safety Group) ensuring that risks associated with our project works are managed, controlled and eliminated.

  • Environmental Management

    Certified to ISO …. (Environmental Management Systems), our method of project environmental management ensures compliance with legislative requirements and industry practices.

  • Quality Management

    Agilitee’s quality management system is structured to comply with UK ISO 9001:2010 with third party endorsement through BSG. It incorporates strict procedures and protocols to ensure we deliver only the highest quality projects in accordance with our clients’ specifications and requirements.

  • National Safety Accreditation

    Agilitee complies with the UK Government’s National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry and is accredited with various safety standards.

  • Green Buildings

    Agilitee is committed to the success and increased adoption of sustainable construction practices. We believe ‘green buildings’ are not only good for the environment they also provide immediate and long term economic benefits for developers, building owners and occupants.


We are very proud of Agilitee’s quality management system, which has been structured and certified to comply with ISO 9001:2015. We incorporate strict procedures and protocols to ensure we deliver only the highest quality projects in accordance with our Clients’ specifications and requirements.